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TNT!MEN Featured Events

Naked Dance – Saturday, January 31 @ Club 120, 4-9pm.

Naked in Excess – Tuesday, January 27 @ Spa Excess, 7-11pm.


For this month, we also have:

Naked Book Club, Thursday, Jan 9, 7-9:00pm – “Confessions of a Fairy’s Daughter” by Alison Wearing.

Drawing Group, Thursday, Jan 22, 7-9:30pm.

For more info about these events, please check their respective posts and/or our calendar of events.



Membership Benefits

by Bert Bik

It’s true, you don’t need to be a member in order to enjoy the TNT!MEN events, but membership certainly does have its privileges. For instance:

1. Greatly reduced entrance fees to most TNT!MEN events:

For many of our events, there is only a nominal difference between the entrance fees of members and non-member . For instance the swim, book-club and most house parties members are $4 and non-members are $6. But than there are events such as our very popular dances, where members go in for $5, whereas non-members are $8.

So in fact if you make use of our early membership renewal drive at $15 within about four events, you will have paid for your annual membership fee.

2. Early Membership Renewal drive:

Members in good standing can renew their membership at only $25 ($25 for out-of-country members) between February first and June first, instead of the usual $25 annual membership fee ($30 for out-of-country members) .

3. New members receive a $4 discount to their first event …

… if they become a new member at the door of any of our official TNT!MEN events. In general this means that their first event is free.

4. Bridge new membership:

If new membership are taken out as early as February the first, we bridge their membership to June 30th of the subsequent year, in fact giving them a year and a half membership for the price of one year

5. Massive discounts around the globe.

Because TNT!MEN is a full (non-landed) member of the Federation of Canadian Naturists (The FCN) and we carry the FCN logo on the face of our membership card, you will be able to enjoy FCN discounts around the globe when you travel. Simply always make sure to bring your TNT!MEN membership card to any of the thousands of nudist/naturist resorts and ask for your FCN discount and if you travel with a friend always ask for couple’s discounts.
Even within Canada this can make a big difference in your holiday expenses.

6. Three FREE events per year:

Member of TNT!MEN show their ongoing support for the incredible hard work of the dozens of volunteers who hold and maintain our events. In gratitude for you maintaining your membership in good standing, you are entitled to three FREE events per year. These include the AGM & Party; our Annual Holiday Dance; and one additional event to be determined by the board. This last one can range from a free volunteer appreciation dinner to an arbitrarily chosen event to stimulate attendance.

If these reasons are not exciting enough to maintain your membership in good
standing, than how about our Sponsor supplied benefits:

7. Spa Excess (105 Carlton St.) offers greatly reduced access fees:

From Monday through Thursday you get a $2 discount off the price of a locker and a $4 discount off the price of a room. And on each Friday evening from 8 pm through 4 am (Saturday) during the Spa Excess‘ Deep Dark & Naked party you will be given a FREE locker by simply showing your card at the time of checking in. Of course you still have to pay your $5 refundable key deposit.

8. Doc’s Leather (726 Queen St.W.) offers 15% discount:

… on all your purchases by asking for it and showing your TNT!MEN Membership card.

9. Riverside RV Campgroup (Tweed, Ontario) offers 10% during the summer months:

We get 20% off for a group of 8 or more. TNT!MEN members get 10% off regular price any time during the summer months. Visit their website.

NEW! 10. 120 Diner (120 Church St.) offers 15% discount:

TNT!MEN members who dine at the new diner  will get a permanent 15 per cent discount by showing their card.

Then there is a confidential membership benefit:

We don’t talk about a lot, but it still is there. If for any reason your budget does not allow you to attend our events, then members can make special confidential arrangements through the Membership Coordinator to receive a voucher to attend our events. Even our entire membership fee can be waived for those on a tight budget, who are willing to help out from time to time. Also this can simply be arranged by chatting with our Membership Coordinator, without the knowledge of anyone else, allowing you to maintain your dignity about this.

There are membership benefits to encourage out-of-town guests to enjoy our events.

  1. When an out-of-town patron is a member of their own local nudist/naturist organization, we will give them entrance to all of our events as if they are TNT!MEN members. All we require is proof of membership in their local nudist/naturist group when they check into our events.
  2. When out-of-town guests are travelling on a budget, they can request to be given lodging at the home of one of our members. They must do this in advance by email. Sometimes there is a small fee, but generally speaking our members host guests for free. All guests are required to do is to email us in advance and we will broadcast a ‘Request for Lodging’ to our membership.

Nine out of ten times, we are able to somehow accommodate our out-of-town guests. Great friendships have come from these type of connections, although one should always remember not to expect ‘The Ritz’, but Heh, an (almost) free place to stay, is always better, than a
‘several-hundred-dollars’ room-service suite at ‘The Ritz.’

So Yes,

… it is absolutely worthwhile maintaining your membership in good standing and don’t forget TNT!MEN is one of the largest, all male, community social groups in Toronto with its almost three hundred members on an annual basis, and what a great way to make new friends.


Organizational By-Laws

TNT!MEN was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in July 1998. These are our official Bylaws.

1.0 Nature of the Organization

1.1 Essence: Totally Naked Toronto Men Enjoying Nudity (“TNT!MEN” or “TNT!”) is a group for men who enjoy socializing naked with other men.

1.2 Not-for-Profit: TNT!MEN shall operate on a not-for-profit basis, rather than as a business.

1.3 Legal Character: Although initially an un-incorporated association, TNT!MEN was incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation under the Corporations Act (Ontario) in June 1998.

1.4 Objectives: The objectives of TNT!MEN include:
(a) holding nude social events for men in the greater Toronto area;
(b) encouraging individuals, groups and businesses to hold such events;
(c) fostering the growth of gay-positive social nudism in the greater Toronto area;
(d) co-operating with other nudist/ naturist organizations;
(e) supporting initiatives for the official designation of appropriate public lands and facilities in Ontario for clothing-optional purposes;
(f) supporting initiatives for amending the Criminal Code of Canada provisions relating to being “nude in a public place”; and,
(g) helping build community by networking and co-operating with organizations for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and/or transgender people.

1.5 Fiscal Year: The fiscal year and nominal membership year of TNT!MEN shall run from July 1 through June 30.

1.6 Annual General Meeting: A general meeting shall be held annually within ninety days of the fiscal year-end.

2.0 Communication

2.1 Newsletter and Calendar: TNT!MEN shall distribute to each member a newsletter at least three times per year, and a calendar of events periodically. TNT!MEN shall have a newsletter collective responsible for preparing the newsletter in accordance with the TNT!MEN Newsletter Collective Bylaws (New bylaws in the works).

2.2 Bylaws and Rules of TNT!MEN: Each new member shall promptly receive a copy of the TNT!MEN Bylaws and of all current Event Rules (see section 5.1) if he has not already received same. At least once per year, each member shall receive a copy of the TNT!MEN Bylaws and of all current Event Rules. Any member shall, on request, receive a current copy of any specified Bylaws of TNT!MEN. Any amendment to the Event Rules shall be published in, or distributed with, the next issue of the TNT!MEN newsletter or calendar.

2.3 Phone line: TNT!MEN shall maintain a telephone information line in accordance with the TNT!MEN Phone line Bylaws.

2.4 Mailbox: TNT!MEN shall maintain a post office box in accordance with the TNT!MEN Mailbox Bylaws.

2.5 Web-Page: TNT!MEN shall support the maintenance of a web-page on the Internet’s World Wide Web.

2.6 Limited Distribution of Membership List: Each member is a “listed member” unless he requests in writing that his name not appear in the membership list distributed to members. At least once per year, each listed member shall receive a current list of all listed members.

3.0 Membership

3.1 Non-Discrimination: TNT!MEN shall be open to all gay, bisexual, and gay-sensitive men without regard to race, colour, religion, national origin, disability, physical appearance, HIV status, or age (subject to meeting the minimum age).

3.2 Minimum Age: Each applicant or member must certify that he is at least 19 years old. If there is reasonable doubt that an applicant or member meets the minimum age, the Membership Co-ordinator shall require him to furnish proof of age, a copy of which shall be retained on file.

3.3 Applying: Each applicant for membership shall submit a completed membership application together with all fees as required by TNT!MEN. The applicant must acknowledge that he has read the then-current Rules of TNT!MEN (see section 5.1), and must agree to comply with them and with the Bylaws of TNT!MEN, including any amendments or new provisions that may lawfully be made from time to time.

3.4 Board’s Discretion: The Membership Co-ordinator may recommend that an application from a prospective member be rejected. However, the Board retains discretion as the final authority of whether an applicant will be rejected or be accepted into membership in TNT!MEN.

3.5 Confidentiality of Membership List: The names of members and applicants shall not be used for any purpose outside TNT!MEN, whether commercial or not-for-profit, without the advance written permission of each person affected.

3.6 Non-Transferable: Membership is not transferable or assignable.

3.7 Remaining in Good Standing: To remain a member in good standing, each member of TNT!MEN must comply with sections 3.8 and 3.9.

3.8 Renewal Dues: A member must pay renewal dues on or before the date of the Annual General Meeting that immediately follows his membership’s nominal expiry date. If he fails to so pay, then the Board may, without notice to him, deem him to have resigned. However, subsequent payment of dues will return him to good standing.

3.9 Harmful Conduct: A member must not act in a way that is harmful or detrimental to TNT!MEN or to any member. This rule applies to conduct at TNT!MEN events (see section 4.5) or from conduct elsewhere that relates directly to TNT!MEN.

3.10 Consequences: Where the Board learns of an allegation against a member that, if substantiated, might reasonably be considered to constitute a violation of section 3.9, then the Board shall appoint an investigator to informally inquire into the member’s conduct (including hearing the member’s response). The investigator shall either report to the Board that the allegation is unsubstantiated, or recommend that the Board hold a hearing into specified allegations against the member. If, after providing the member with a reasonable opportunity to address those specified allegations, the Board determines that the member:
(a) has violated section 3.9 in a very serious way, or
(b) despite receiving a warning from any Board member, has repeatedly violated section 3.9 in a moderately serious way, then the Board may:
(c) issue a warning outlining necessary corrective action, and suspend his membership until the corrective action is taken or for a specified period, or
(d) terminate his membership. The Board’s decision shall be promptly communicated in writing to the member. The person who acted as investigator shall not vote in the Board’s determination of whether disciplinary action is warranted, but may, if a Board member, vote in the Board’s subsequent determination of the appropriate disciplinary consequences.

3.11 Agreement: Instead of the Board making a determination under section 3.10, an authorized representative of the Board may negotiate a written agreement with a member who allegedly violated section 3.9, subject to any such agreement being ratified by the Board.

3.12 Freedom of Expression: TNT!MEN recognizes and affirms the importance of freedom of expression as a means of helping to ensure accountability in a democratic organization. Accordingly, no member shall be found to have violated section 3.9 merely for expressing his honestly-held personal opinion regarding:
(a) any provision or proposed provision of any TNT!MEN Bylaw, Rule or policy;
(b) any action in relation to TNT!MEN taken by any:
(i) member of the Board,
(ii) officer, or
(iii) chair of any committee of the Board, while purporting to act in that capacity (as distinct from clearly acting in a personal capacity); or
(c) any resolution or proposed resolution of the Board or of a general meeting.

3.13 Suspended or Terminated Members: A terminated member may reapply for membership in 6 months at the Board’s discretion. If a member’s membership is suspended or terminated by the Board, he:
(a) shall be barred from TNT!MEN events (whether or not otherwise open to the public) until he again becomes a member in good standing; and
(b) shall not be entitled to any refund of membership or renewal dues paid.

3.14 Resignation: A member may resign by giving written notice. The resignation is effective as of the date TNT!MEN receives the notice. There shall be no refund of membership fees.

4.0 Rules at TNT!MEN Events

4.1 TNT!MEN Event Rules: The Board may make Rules for conduct at, or in conjunction with, TNT!MEN events. The scope of such Rules may include, but is not limited to:
(a) smoking;
(b) photography;
(c) use of alcohol or other drugs;
(d) sexual activity;
(e) confidentiality issues.
Any amendment to the Rules shall be published in the next issue of the TNT!MEN newsletter or calendar. A member is deemed to have been notified of an amendment one week after such publication, or if the amendment was announced at the start of an event he attended.

4.2 Additional Event-Specific Rules at Private Homes: The host of a TNT!MEN event at a private home may announce additional rules specially applicable at that event.

4.3 Additional Event-Specific Rules at Other Venues: At a TNT!MEN event held in a venue other than a private home, the event’s convenor, a Board member, or a representative of the venue may announce additional rules specially applicable at that event.

4.4 If, at a TNT!MEN event, a Board member or the event’s host or convenor reasonably believes that a member has violated any Event Rules or any announced additional rules, the member may be warned or be expelled from that event. A member may also be warned or expelled from an event for conduct not expressly covered by a rule where the member reasonably should know that, in the circumstances, the conduct is highly inappropriate.

4.5 If an allegation about a member’s conduct at a TNT!MEN event is subsequently considered by the Board to have, if substantiated, warranted a warning or expulsion from the event under section 4.4, that alleged conduct may also form the basis for specified allegations to be considered by the Board under section 3.10.

5.0 The Board of Directors

5.1 Size of Board: TNT!MEN shall have a Board of Directors composed of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 8 directors.

5.2 Two-Year Terms: A director who is elected at the annual general meeting (“AGM”) in 1998, or at any subsequent AGM, shall serve for a term of two years, expiring at the second AGM after his election.

5.3 Re-election: A director shall be eligible for election or re-election upon the completion of his term.

5.4 Transitional Provision: To establish a basis for subsequent elections to be on a staggered basis, the directors elected at the AGM in 1997 shall divide themselves into two classes: (i) a minimum of two and a maximum of four directors whose term expires at the AGM in 1998; and (ii) a minimum of two and a maximum of four directors whose term expires at the AGM in 1999.

5.5 Qualifications for Election: A candidate must be a member in good standing and have been so for at least two months prior to assuming office. However, this two-month period shall be waived for candidacy in 1997.

5.6 Removal from Office: A director may be removed from any or all offices held for cause if at least two-thirds of the votes cast at a special general or annual general meeting support removal.

5.7 Resignation: A director may resign by giving written notice of his intent to resign, effective when the notice is received by TNT!MEN. The Board by majority vote may deem a director to have resigned if he has missed three consecutive Board meetings without providing valid reasons to the Board.

5.8 Vacancies: Vacancies on the Board shall be filled by an affirmative vote by a majority of the remaining directors from those TNT!MEN members in good standing willing to serve until the next election.

5.9 Acclamation: If, when an election would otherwise be held, the number of candidates does not exceed the number of positions available, the candidates shall be directors by acclamation.

5.10 Elections:

(a) Each member in good standing shall have one vote for each directorship to be filled, but may not cast multiple votes for any single candidate.
(b) At least three months before each AGM, the Board shall appoint an Elections Committee. The Elections Committee shall advise the Board on the logistics of the election, and supervise the conduct of the election.

5.11 Results: At the next general meeting following an election, the chair of the Elections Committee (or his delegate) shall announce the results of the election or, if applicable, acclaim the new directors.

6.0 Functional Offices

6.1 Offices: By majority vote of the total Board, the various directors shall each be assigned an office from among the following (listed here in alphabetical order, with the corresponding duties and responsibilities):
(a) Communications Coordinator:
Coordinates the publishing of newsletters, event calendars, event hand-outs, and event advertising. Coordinates maintenance of Web site and information phone-line, in accordance with the TNT!MEN Web-Site Bylaw and the TNT!MEN Information Phone-Line Bylaw.
In consultation with Events Coordinator, maintains the events schedule.
Presents a progress report at each Board meeting.
(b) Events Coordinator:
Coordinates the planning, scheduling and holding of events.
Arranges facilities for events not held at private homes.
Solicits membership for ideas for new events, and for volunteer hosts.
Advises volunteer hosts.
Informs Communications Coordinator of upcoming events.
(c) Facilitator:
Responsible for organizing monthly Board meetings and ensuring proper procedure. Coordinates: external lobbying, liaison with other organizations, and media relations. Makes progress reports to Board. For external purposes, may also be referred to as “President”.
(d) Membership Coordinator:
Maintains membership databank and mailing lists. Supplies up-to-date mailing labels to the Newsletter Committee, as well as electronic and printed data files for archives and periodic mailings. Maintains TNT!MEN mail box and coordinates responses by: maintaining a record of incoming mailings, presenting all incoming mail to the Board (with incoming cheques being presented to the Treasurer), and suggesting appropriate actions.
(e) Secretary:
Responsible for drafting meeting agendas and preparing minutes of previous meeting, to be received by each director at least three days in advance.
Also responsible for maintaining all TNT!MEN archival records, including:
By-laws and policies, with any approved amendments; approved minutes of meetings (to be available at all subsequent Board and general membership meetings), forms; publications, including newsletters and event calendars; correspondence lists and copies of incoming correspondence (from Membership Coordinator); photography; current and previous membership lists, in printed and electronic form.
(f) Treasurer:
Responsible for maintaining accurate financial records and presenting a monthly financial report to the Board. Also consolidates and summarizes the financial reports for publication in the event-calendar mailing.
Prepares cheques for two authorized signatures. Prepares budgets and collects expense-authorization requests for Board approval. Ensures proper year end procedures.

6.2 Committees:
The Board may from time to establish special committees and standing committees, whose chairs shall report to the Board.
At least one Board member must be on a committee.

6.3 Assistants:
By majority vote of the total Board, and with the consent of an office holder, the Board may from time to time appoint a member of TNT!MEN as an official Assistant for that office (e.g. Assistant Treasurer).

6.4 Authority:
Residual executive authority resides in the Board collectively, rather than in any individual.
Aside from signing authority, and subject to the By-laws, and any applicable resolution of the Board, each officer has the authority reasonably necessary to carry out the ordinary duties of his office, and is accountable to the Board.
Two authorized signatures shall be required on all cheques. Unless the Board otherwise specifies by unanimous resolution, the Treasurer or Facilitator may sign, together with any other director.

6.5 Board Not To Be Usurped:
No director or officer, or groups of directors or officers, shall act in a way that usurps the authority of the Board, such as by acting or purporting to act in relation to any matter which he or they reasonably should know is sufficiently contentious, novel, unusual or important that a majority of the Board likely would prefer it be put before the Board.
Any such action or purported action is a nullity, unless expressly ratified by two thirds of the total Board at a meeting of the Board.

7.0 General

7.1 Amendments: These Bylaws may be amended by an affirmative vote of at least two thirds of the votes cast as a special general or annual general meeting given at least 30 days notice of the text of the proposed amendment.

7.2 Notification: If an amendment to these Bylaws has been adopted, the text of the amended provision shall be published in the next edition of the newsletter.

7.3 General Quorum: A quorum for any annual or special general meeting shall be one-quarter (25%) of the individual members residing in the Greater Toronto Area, present in person or represented by proxy. However, two members present in person shall be deemed to be a quorum for the adjournment of the meeting.

7.4 Severability: The waiver or invalidation of any provision of these Bylaws shall not affect the enforcement or validity of the other provisions.

Board of Directors

Gerry Boucher
 | President

My name is Gerry. I am from Gatineau, Quebec, and I have been in Toronto since 1999. I am fluent in French and English. I have been working in Toronto as a professional Social Worker for a private organization. I have been on the board of TNT!MEN since 2000 and I served as a special even ‘s coordinator, president, photographer and poster creator for TNT!MEN . Now I am president by interim until our AGM in September 2013. Beside enjoying being naked in different social TNT events I enjoy bowling with the Toronto Historical Bowling society. I am also an artist enjoying photography and painting, mainly with acrylics and dry pastels.

Bert Bik | Treasurer / Co-Founder

After a European (Dutch) post graduate education, Bert’s career spanned
 almost thirty years from operational management to ownership of various 
service industry related businesses. Bert was a frequent guest lecturer at
 Guelph University, Humber College and various privately organized workshops
 as a motivational keynote speaker in support of his published work “The
7Career steps to Re-employment.” The one concentric focus behind all Bert’s business endeavours always
 remained the well-being of the involved people, be they in-house employees,
 clients, client employees or customers.

During his career, and now even at greater extent during his retirement,
 Bert has spent most of his time being occupied by numerous volunteer
 activities ranging from support groups for divorced fathers; gay fathers;
 food banks/Second Harvest; special cause fundraising efforts;
 (re-)employment services for individuals; service industry associations; and
 most recently his love for writing. Bert’s writings have ranged from highly
 publicized human resource and political articles, to manuals relating to
 Human Resource, deployment, (re-)employment, outsourcing, company lay-offs
 and Personnel/Business Consulting. Bert has since his retirement even made 
a valiant effort in writing various unpublicized (thus far) gay novels.

Bert has been a naturist/nudist since early childhood. He was one of the 
five original founders of TNT!MEN and he has been involved with TNT!MEN ever
since it’s inception in 1997, either as a Board member, a general volunteer, 
the Newsletter Editor, the Treasurer, the Membership Coordinator, as well as 
with numerous other non-descript group related activities.

Jim Blanchard | Secretary

My name is Jim. I rejoined TNT!MEN in 2008. I enjoyed working as a volunteer at many TNT events and functions. In 2011, I wanted to be more involved with TNT!MEN and stood for election to the board. I became co-coordinator of the outreach committee. The following year I accepted the position of secretary. I still hold this position which means I am part of the executive committee.

Over the years whenever I attended a TNT!MEN event or function, I felt welcome and at ease and had a good time. I encourage all our membership to participate in as many events and/or functions as possible.

Ed Sears | Membership Coordinator

I’m 54 years old and just moved to the city in December after a 28 year relationship ended and a new one began.  I’m  happy to be here and I look forward to meeting every one of you over the visits with the club.

I’m from a background of Interior Design, Fine Art, and manufacturing design products for interiors, as Membership  Director on the board, I get the fun of figuring out all the issues and problems with other old computer system and keeping you updated as current members in good standing and to print out all your membership cards , free locker nights at Spa Excess, and other fun things.  We have a great year for Pride in this community to show it to the world as World Pride comes to our city.  We hope you all can make their experience of Pride in Toronto one they will want to come back to and do again.  Behind the scenes we are working hard to try and make each event a success and to keep the community happy and naked too.

Eric | Member-at-large

Eric is a recent addition to the board of TNT!MEN, having gone on and off to the nudist swims. Between 2006 and 2011, he was heavily involved with the Bears of Toronto, a group for bears in Toronto. His portfolio involved mainly organizing the various events, outreach, fundraisers, arranging for donations from companies and other bear groups, as well as promoting the group. He organized a monthly games night at various pubs around the Village and a very successful afternoon at Spa Excess, which he continues to do so today under the name BEARS IN EXCESS. Eric was born and grew up in Montreal. After graduating from Concordia University with a B.Ed in Teaching English as a Second Language, he moved to Toronto in 1997 where he currently resides with his husband of 11 years, Christian. After being involved with the Bear community, he decided to get involved in the naturist movement. He plans to be a member-at-large, but with emphasis on events. He has represented TNT!MEN with his husband on trips to Spain at a nudist event by Bears Naturistas.

Christian P | Communications & Social Media

Christian first attended some TNT!MEN events around 2007. After dedicating his time as a board member of the Bears of Toronto for almost five years in the capacity of webmaster as well as in charge of communication, he thought it would be a good idea to be an effective member of a nudist group, another of his pastimes. As a big man, he wants more men of different shapes and sizes to feel comfortable and welcome at TNT!MEN events. He joined the board in September 2013 and he has been responsible for the communication and social media of TNT!MEN.  

Originally from Brazil, Christian moved to Canada in 2002 to live with his now husband Eric. He has worked as editor of various Brazilian media outlets in Toronto and for the past three years he was the production manager of Brazil Film Fest.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens during gay naked events?
R. Everything and anything that happens during non-naked events. The only difference is that patrons are naked. In any and all licensed establishments, shoes must be worn, although during private events, this is not the case. Guests are always expected to bring a towel to naked private events, so they have something to sit on. It’s considered to be rude if youdon’t bring your own towel to private events. The main difference between naked and non-naked events is that guests are generally speaking far more relaxed, as there are no logos or media force fed images to hide behind. Nudity becomes the equalizer, resulting in very few concerns about the contents of one’s wallet or other irrelevant status symbols.
Q. I am far too heavy/ short/ balding/ hairy/ not well endowed to go to any naked event!
R. Public nudity is not about ‘body beautiful’, but about body freedom, freedom of expression, diversity and, most of all, self worth and respect. Most persons who finally muster up the guts to come out to a naked event for the first time soon realize after entering the event that they had the same inhibitions as all those who came before them, and after a few minutes at the event, they, too, will be as comfortable as the others. Most walk away wondering why they haven’t tried it before, as most experience public nudity as one of the most liberating events of their lives.
Q. What happens if I throw a boner?
R. Among the male population, both gay or straight, this is the most common of occurrences and, frankly, some should be so lucky! (Don’t forget the enormous sales of the little blue pill!) The average man has many semi or even full fledged erections per day, and getting one in an all male naked setting, is a very normal occurrence (even for straight guys), which no one will take offence to. When this happens in a co-ed setting, most men will discretely cover up their temporary delights, especially when this gathering is a family event, although in an all male setting this is not at all required, and is considered to be totally normal, and certainly nothing to be embarrassed about.
Q. Can I wear body jewellery or accessories?
R. In most all male settings, body jewellery or accessories are totally normal and acceptable, although in some co-ed (and especially some family) setting, some penile enhancement accessories are frowned upon or even not allowed. One should always check with club rules for individual situations.
Q. How about general rules of behaviour. What happens if someone touches me?
R. A simple touch, like in any other clothed setting, is totally acceptable in most circumstances, although some straight guys, may feel very odd when another guys, inadvertently or otherwise, touches them. They often believe this is a come-on, and still believe that every gay guy wants them (Wrong!). In an all male (mostly gay) setting this is extremely normal. The problem happens when the casual touch turns into something much more (i.e. fondling), than it no longer is acceptable. At this point one should either back away, or jointly leave to one of the many bathhouses around town, or go home. The basic rule of thumb is: If you can comfortably do it while you are dressed, than you can do it while you’re naked, but having public sex is against the law, no matter whether this is a mere extended touch, a ‘Clinton’ or otherwise. When this type of thing happens in a licensed establishment, not only are you committing a criminal offence, you are also seriously jeopardizing the livelihood of all those who work and own the facilities, as your actions may very well cause the licensed establishment to lose their liquor license, and if nothing else, surely the sponsoring club will lose the venue for future events and, as a result you also will have seriously jeopardized the future fun for others.
Q. Why should I go to any naked events?
R. Because its fun! Remember that first time you jumped into the lake or a pool when you were naked? Well multiply this by several hundred times and you might get close to the sensational liberty you will experience while you dance naked among the some hundred or so naked other guys.
Q. Who will come to naked TNT events? Could I run into a boss or colleague?
R. Any and all guys from all walks of life, any ages (over 19) and any cultural backgrounds, any sizes or shapes attend our events. TNT!MEN prides itself in having a broad range of membership and followers in the male community. If your boss or colleague is, or might be gay, you may indeed run into him, although don’t forget that he is there for the same reason as you are, and what a great way to establish a new friendship!