Totally Naked Toronto

Men Enjoying Nudity


TNTMEN is a democratic social group for men, without discrimination or prejudice.

We are a group of fun loving men who:

  • enjoy being naked with other men
  • promote comradery and respect for the body
  • create a friendly, welcoming environment for naked socializing and making friends
  • provide a variety of naked social events in different settings
  • promote positive body image and social acceptance of nudity
  • come from all walks of life, social status, ages (above nineteen) and interests

Naked Events

We hold and sponsor naked events, with as few as a couple to as many as several hundred men during swims, yoga, bowling, dances, game nights, art showings, retreats, special interest gatherings, or other healthy physical social activities.

Attendee numbers are restricted by space limitations or are set by the host(s). TNTMEN is a naturist, sex-positive and inclusive organization. Some of our events, like the Naked Dance, are held in sex-positive spaces. Please consult the event host or venue to ask about acceptable behaviour, or email us for a copy of the rules that apply to members and guests. Illicit drugs are strictly forbidden at TNTMEN events. Photography, audio and video recordings may only be made by authorized artists, who must receive the permission of the subject(s) and the board of TNTMEN. To volunteer your services, or to inquire about photography at our events, please contact


Our members or guests are consenting adults and must be 19 years of age or older. Consult Benefits of Membership to read about the advantages of becoming a TNTMEN Member.


Membership rates are set and effective March 1 of each year. Renewals will be occurring on a quarterly basis, depending on the date of purchase. Members in good standing may renew before the March 1 deadline to take advantage of the current year’s rates.

Payment Methods: Memberships, Naked Event Tickets, Donations

  • ONLINE (Memberships & Donations): PayPal, a Credit Card or Visa Debit Card
  • ONLINE (Naked Event Tickets): Credit Card or Visa Debit Card
  • Interac e-Transfer (Memberships & Naked Event Tickets):
    - Send money to
    - Send the answer to your Security Question to
  • Cheque or Money Order: Mail your cheque to TNTMEN, PO Box 47121 DUNDAS SQ P.O., Toronto, ON  M5B 0A1
  • CASH Payments: We accept CASH payments at the Naked Dance, Last Saturday of the month, Club 120

Non-Member Discount

We recognize out-of-town nudist/naturist memberships of sister organizations from around the globe, and admit them at the reduced TNTMEN member’s rate. Please email us at for your temporary card, or present your existing out-of-town card at our events. Please note that this may not apply at third party venues.

What to expect

When attending a naked event, expect to be greeted at a registration centre near the entrance. Please identify yourself as a member or guest. Some events may require a reservation, or advance ticket purchase. After paying the entrance fee, you will be shown where to undress and where to store your clothing. TNTMEN and the host venue will not be responsible for lost or stolen items. We strongly suggest you leave valuables, excess clothing, and bags at home.

Guidelines and Rules

In addition to the general facility house-rules, you must also adhere to our own club rules and regulations when coming to our events.

Shoes: In licensed establishments patrons must wear shoes to protect them from injuries and to avoid facility liabilities, whereas in most private homes this is up to the host, or left to your own discretion. Sneakers are great for dancing. Boots are always welcome.

Accessories: Body jewellery or accessories are usually acceptable as long as you have not significantly covered any portion of your body. Your penis, scrotum, and "glutes" should be exposed.

Clothing: Textiles are usually frowned upon, although from time to time these may be required for added warmth, depending on climate, temperature or surroundings, such as during retreats or outdoor activities, while also being useful to avoid pesky insects. We will always endeavour to offer spaces that encourage, as much as possible, full nudity.

Non-waterproof items: Leather accessories or non-waterproof body or suntan lotions are rarely permitted in wet areas such as pools, saunas and steam-rooms, and should be removed prior to using these facilities.


Respect is fundamental. We encourage friendly, non-judgmental, open minded and body positive behaviour. Men deserve respect from each other, and deserve to respect one another. Nudity is a great way to overcome some of the social barriers that set us apart as men. Our events offer you one of the best opportunities to grow and be supported as a man in a culture that doesn’t always value masculinity.

Our events are strictly social and fun. Any host(s) has the right to bar or eject anyone from their premises for non-compliance to club or general house rules, or for previously established undesirability. Always be aware of the sensitivities or sensibilities of your fellow attendees. Some may be attending a naked event for the first time and could feel apprehensive about it, or they may need some extra help to start a conversation. Some may not be gay, whereas others may simply not be as extroverted as you are. The golden rule is to respect others by helping others, while contributing to the general atmosphere of fun for everyone. You may end up meeting some new friends who share your interests and outlook. Please be considerate of your fellow naturists when attending an event. We encourage guests to arrive freshly showered and to avoid strongly scented products and colognes. Remember to arrive with a cheerful and open-minded attitude. We will greet you with the same!

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