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TNTMEN Naked Dance One With Nature

  • 25 May 2019
  • 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Club 120, 120 Church Street, Toronto, ON M5C 3G8

TNTMEN Naked Dance One With Nature! Click here to register!

Online Tickets in Advance: $5 Members, $10 Guests: $15 at the door

The TNTMEN Naked Dance - One With Nature heralds the true arrival of warm weather in Canada. For Nudists or Naturists, it is also the time of year when we can take it all off, of course in public areas designated as clothing optional. Hanlan's' Point Beach is the perfect spot to try out your new 'naked legs' if you are new to it all. Why not invite a friend, pack a lunch and refreshments, take a book or some music and earbuds. Don't forget sunscreen! Get outside and get naked! Come and celebrate the return of "naked men season"! At TNTMEN naked is our natural state.

With warmer weather on the way, the sap is running in the trees and the males of most species are thinking about putting some of that wood to use. It may not be love in the air, but it's certainly primal behaviour, the biological imperative if you will. As good a time as any to brush off the old gaydar and go for a stroll on the wild side, you know in the woods, and we don't mean camping. Now if you are out of practice, why not tune up your tracking and baiting skills at the One With Nature Naked Dance? You will have to imagine you are in a forest, but give it a go. Only use eye contact and meaningful nods to entice your prey, err, I mean new friend, to approach. Remember now, it's catch and release gentlemen, leave some for others to practice on as well!

DJ RELENTLESS is on deck this month to keep your feet moving on the dance floor!


DANCE FLOOR CRUISING: Take a few minutes to get down on the dance floor, yes cruising is completely fine and encouraged at this event. Check out the other dancers, see if they are checking you out. Don't be concerned if you see the occasional erection on the dance floor. If the owner of said erection looks pissed off and is heading straight towards you, I would take cover behind anyone that is bigger than him. Some part of your body like a boot or a fist may have entered his personal dance space during the exceptional dance routine you improvised to get his attention. You have his attention. Now do this: 1. Apologize. 2. Make it count. 3. Offer him a beverage with your compliments. 4. Apologize again. 5. Don't cry. 6. You will probably live through this. IMPORTANT: Do not reach for penis, attempt to comfort penis, touch penis, even mention penis. That penis has sailed for you darling.

DISCLAIMER: This little story is a worst case scenario. We do not know of any penises injured while dancing at a TNTMEN Event. Some members have complained of eye injury while dancing on their knees. But you have two of them, what's your concern? If you haven't danced naked you haven't enjoyed the Naked Dance yet!

IF NOTHING ELSE WORKS: Don't bother with subtle, go for ridiculous. Don't ask "Where is the washroom?" Instead ask "Would you mind showing me to the washroom?" Do hold both arms above your head at odd angles suggesting they are broken and in casts. Smile at your useless arms and remind the gentleman that he will have to shake it for you as well. If this doesn't work, your delivery must be off. Perhaps go have another beverage!

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