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Event Support Positions

The event support team are the heart and the soul of every TNTMEN event. They are essentially the members who run the event for everyone else’s enjoyment. As such, they are deserving of praise and respect. All members are encouraged to help out at events on a regular or semi-regular basis.

The event support team operates with integrity and purpose to help brand TNTMEN events as superb, hospitable and friendly. They work independently of the Board, but rely on the Event Manager for support in ensuring the material needs and any larger issues are met in a timely and efficient manner.

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Event Manager:

The Event Manager shall in all cases be a TNTMEN Board member. This person is charged with ensuring that any and all accounting sheets, cash boxes, floats and other items necessary for the running of the event are present. The event manager is onsite from the open to the close of the event, and liaises with the event staff, other event support and the venue staff and management when necessary.

The Event Manager is ultimately responsible for health and safety issues and compliance, conflict resolution and member services. The overarching policy is one of hospitality and care. The event manager supports the event staff and TNT Members by offering excellent judgment and service, wherever possible taking the utmost care and offering the benefit of the doubt in cases of conflict or disagreement.

Event Host(s):

The Event Host(s) are members who have elected to volunteer as hosts. Their role is to be vigilant and outgoing, liaising with the membership and event staff to ensure excellent member services and hospitality to all attendees. The event hosts are also tasked with gently reminding members and guests of TNTMEN rules and Bylaws in the instance of an infraction. In the event of a serious violation, the hosts are tasked with alerting the event manager and/or the venue manager. Serious violations of TNT Bylaws should be brought to the attention of the Event Manager.

Serious violations of law and or health and safety should be brought to the immediate attention off the venue manager, staff, security or other responsible individual.

Member Services:

Member Services is the point person at or after the cash tasked with greeting Members and Guests, setting the tone for the event, and quickly and efficiently directing people to the clothes change area while providing the bag for such purposes. He may also be taking tickets and checking for bracelets, stamps, or other proof of payment.

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